Just My Opinion

Your turn on the soapbox in 3, 2, 1.


My eclectic background and skills afford me the ability to adapt and provide various services for your business and personal needs.

There are a number of things I can assist you with:

* Social media management
* Writing articles
* Copywriting
* Interviews
* Videos
* Events
* Reviews
* Voice over work
* Public speaking
* Presenting – radio and TV

I have worked with a variety of companies including Hillsong, Bloomberg, BBC Inside Out, Life Church Bradford, E Homes and many more.

I cover various topics from entertainment, reviews (books, movies, theatre and music), travel, technology, politics, science and more.

Want to collaborate? Do you have a request that’s not on the list?
Simply complete the contact form with as much detail as possible or email and I’ll be happy to help.