With an improvised memorable line like that, you’d be correct in assuming that a man of Leo’s natural talent and boyish charm would’ve won an Oscar by now. But somehow it wasn’t until the 88th Academy Awards ceremony that he finally got the gong he deserved.

Most think of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack. Rose’s frozen love in the Titanic. I still think there was space on that plank, but moving on. That is when most people discovered Leo and he became a household name.

He has since gone on to show the breadth of his acting skills to go from comedy, drama, biopics and back again. Each time receiving recognition from all but one – the almighty Oscars.

I, for one, think that in some way the challenge of not receiving an Oscar is what pushed him forward. Maybe he would’ve gotten lazy had he won an Oscar the first time he was nominated in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” in 1994. He was only 20 after all. Yes, yes I know others have won it younger. But you’ve got to admit that a lot of those who did have fizzled out as they’ve gotten older.

He still received accolades from other areas for his great work, so let’s not think he was snubbed everywhere.

I’m really happy he’s won and frankly it’s been a long time coming. That role in Django Unchained was short but effective. Remember that scene where his hand was bleeding? Real blood as he smashed a real glass and like a truly skilled actor he continued in character. Leo always brings something extra to his roles. From the improvised line, “I’m the king of the world” in Titanic to the nuances of his acting in The Revenant.

An actor who can bring that much gravitas and weight and pain to a role that didn’t have many speaking parts, is deserving of every award there is! So congratulations Leo – it was about bloody time! Here’s to many more! Keep challenging yourself and wowing us! We’re watching!

Do you think he deserved the award? Or do you think it’s all unnecessary hype?
Your turn on the soapbox in 3,2,1.