On Saturday the 4th December, I was given the incredible opportunity of attending a showcase for bloggers and movie reviewers which included Tron: Legacy and The Next Three Days (click on the movie titles to see the full review). We were subject to an embargo (which was quite cool) and the films we were going to be shown were not revealed to us until the actual day.
We were shown some trailers for movies out in 2011 (most of which I had seen and I am looking forward to). Some interesting panels with Joe Utichi who started Rotten Tomatoes (to name a few) and of course Joseph Kosinski was there as well. Lizo Mzimba was the MC for the day.
Here is the running order of the day which was beyond fun!
  • 8.45 – Intro
  • 9:00 – Part 1: showreel of the next quarter’s trailers
  • 9.30 – Film 1
  • 11.30 – Panel discussion ‘Building an online film audience’ led by Charles Gant (Heat, Guardian and Variety)
  • 12.10 – Q&A opportunity
  • 12.30 – Short break
  • 1.00 – Part 2: showreel of the next quarter’s trailers
  • 1.30 – An important Film issue Q&A
  • 2.00 – Film 2
  • 4.00 – End
Some of the trailers we saw were Big Momma’s House 3, Rango, Chalet Girl, Source Code, Gulliver’s Travels, Burlesque, Battle: Los Angeles, I am Number Four, The Adjustment Bureau, Gnomeo & Juliet, Cowboys and Aliens, Red Riding Hood, Morning Glory, The Lincoln Lawyer, Black Swan, True Grit, Never Let Me Go, The Fighter and How Do I Know.

Here are the ones I want to see in date order,
(a more comprehensive list of what I want to watch in 2011 will be composed nearer the end of the year) :
How Do You Know – 28 January 2011
I Am Number Four – 18 February 2011
The Adjustment Bureau – 4 March 2011
Source Code – 11 March 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer – 18 March 2011
Battle: Los Angeles – 25 March 2011
Red Riding Hood – 15 April 2011 (seems to stick more to Brothers Grimm style – less Disney)

Cowboys & Aliens – 12 August 2011
Enjoy and leave comments on what YOU are looking forward to in 2011! Olivia Wilde has been quite busy since she left House MD – I’ve seen her in 2 movies this weekend alone and she’s in quite a few more upcoming ones.