The next instalment

Seattle is gripped in fear as a rash of mysterious killings and disappearances plague the Emerald City. Victoria (Howard) is also back to avenge her love James (Gigandet), whilst the animosity between vampires and werewolves brews beneath the surface with Bella’s decision having the power to aggravate the already fragile truce.

In the next instalment of intense looks, pouting and half conversations, Bella has a choice to make. Bestiality or necrophilia? Oops sorry did I say that? I meant Jacob or Edward. She not only has to choose between her true love and her friendship but between mortality and immortality. What will she choose?

The Twilight franchise changes directors more often than the weather in England. The latest director, David Slade, gave a lagging franchise a much needed facelift! With a little bit of experience in the horror genre, you can tell he has left his mark on Eclipse. What an improvement on the previous two felt-like-shooting-myself offers! The CGI was great, there were actually suitably dark moments, less teenage angst, better acting, better script and more character development. (Is there a Team Jasper?)

I am not a fan of Twilight – simply put it is a blight on modern cinema in the recent surge in interest in the supernatural. Since when do vampires shimmer in the sun? Why do they have reflections? None of the usual weapons work on them? They can just stroll into people’s houses? Daybreakers was a great example of a vampire movie of late.

BUT this one was actually bearable, comedy relief provided by Charlie Swan yet again (my favourite character!), amazing cinematography and epic action scenes! The way vampires die is pretty neat. Xavier Samuel is the hot new vampire Riley.

The teenage melodrama was still there in full over-the-top format, Dakota Fanning is far too under-used as are the rest of the Volturi, Jasper suddenly develops a southern accent (huh?) and Jacob’s aversion to a shirt increases. You could hear the audible gasp of pleasure from fans when he first appears topless.

For you Twi-hards out there, you will no doubt LOVE this movie! For the rest of us, this is best offering of the three and will leave you feeling like you actually watched a movie albeit totally cheesy.