David Twohy gave us Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick and in the summer of ’09 returns to give the hair-raising A Perfect Getaway. Cliff (Zahn) and Cidney (Jovovich) Anderson decide to backpack through the beautiful Hawaii for their honeymoon. Upon gaining the permits they need for their journey, they rent a car and encounter a hitch-hiking couple. Kale (Hemsworth) and Cleo (Shelton) turn out to be a little hostile when the Andersons initially refuse to take them. They then cross paths with Nick (Olyphant) and Gina (Sanchez) who are more than a little odd, whilst on their 11-mile hiking trail.

The paradise they were so looking forward to on their honeymoon soon becomes a boiling pot of paranoia and mistrust as all the couples hear about the murders that have taken place in Honolulu. The police don’t have much to go on except that the perpetrators are a man and a woman! And so begins Cliff and Cydney’s attempts at getting away from Nick and Gina without raising any alarms and hoping not to run into Kale and Cleo.

I have to say this movie was GREAT! The cinematography is just so breathtakingly beautiful as only Hawaii can be. Twohy succeeds in making the beautiful islands of Hawaii somewhat sinister, whilst not once using dark shadows for cheap thrills. All the craziness occurs in broad daylight – it’s a brave director that opts for a thriller by day. And what a thriller it is!

Olyphant steals the show as the retired war vet with a chilling smile. Steve Zahn comes into his own in this role – I have grown accustomed to seeing him as a supporting role in films such as Sahara. Milla and Kiele are very good in their roles, a lot better than I expected.

I did not see the plot twist coming at all, maybe because I was tired or simply because if you don’t pay attention in this movie you miss the subtleties dropped throughout. Like a a thief distracts a dog by throwing it some meat, Twohy definitely does that to us.

For once we get a film that does not automatically seek to scare us from the get-go, we have build up and character development for, what would seem to the short-attention span teenager, ages. This is not the best film of 2009 and nor is it particularly original but the beautiful scenery and fantastic acting from the 6 leads make this a thrill-inducing ride to the finish.