An old lady Mrs Ganush (Raver) needs an extension on her loan. Christine Brown (Lohman) wants the coveted Assistant Manager at her bank branch and is up against her more stern less experienced colleague Stu Rubin (Lee). Her boss Mr Jacks (Paymer) thinks she isn’t ruthless enough for her job and in a bid to prove him wrong she refuses Mrs Ganush’s loan request. Big Mistake!!

The rest of the movie consists of gross out moments involving the aforementioned Mrs Ganush who is a gypsy that seems to have hell’s powers at her disposal. If that is the case why does she need to beg Brown for a loan – why not just magic the much needed money into existence?. This is common throughout the film – loopholes I mean and can be frustrating because hardly anything is explained.

Christine thinks she’s fine when the old lady is dragged away by security but she is very wrong. Her understanding boyfriend Clay Dalton (very common movie name, namely in the horror genre) tries to help her whilst also being the voice of reason. He thinks she is losing it and after a disastrous meeting with the parents, he enlists the help of medium Rham Jas (Rao) who seems surprisingly knowledgeable about hell.

Raimi proceeds to scare you witless with floating handkerchiefs, sudden shocking moments, nasty staple guns and much much more. This is most definitely not for the sqeamish and if you aren’t squeamish I still recommend eating light before the movie. The amazing thing about this film is the ease with which you go from screaming to laughing suddenly.

Mrs Ganush is one the best horror villains to come out of the genre in a while. DMTH is however loaded with clichés and pays homage to Raimi’s previous Evil Dead trilogy. It is far from being the best horror of the year, mainly due to the basic script, ridiculous almost cartoonish moments (a talking goat??) and mediocre acting (Long seems awkward delivering his lines).

Raimi may produce more of this style, namely because SpiderMan 4 is no longer being made for release in 2011 after some script and time conflicting issues. Instead Sony plan on rebooting the whole franchise in 2012 with new cast and crew (really?? after only 8 years??!!!). So more B-movie horrors might be expected unless he goes another direction.

Is it stupid? Yeah. Does it have a thin clichéd plot? Totally. Is it an adrenaline rush inducing hilarious and fun ride? MOST DEFINITELY!