A series of murders have been committed in New York City and the eponymous antihero who is a police detective is trying to solve them. His family was murdered and he is still trying to get over it whilst simultaneously trying to find their killer. Mona Sax (Kunis) is an assassin who wants revenge for her sister’s death Natasha (Kurylenko). Together they join forces and are hunted down by the mafia, the local police and an unknown company.

This movie is based on a very popular video game – which I have not played. I was just told by many people that it may be worth checking out because they were fans of the game. The trailer also looked promising. Unfortunately the film was a major let down. I can’t speak for its accuracy to the game or anything like that but as a movie it was a stinker.

According to fans, there were some fundamental changes to the story. Max Payne is given a normal desk job as opposed to being an undercover DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) agent, and Lupino is no longer a crazed believer in the occult but a failed super-soldier experiment. The theme song wasn’t used and neither was the mob aspect explored with much depth therefore cutting out a lot of cool characters (or so I’ve been told).

Add to that the bland plot, bad script, poor character development and seeming like it went on forever, it left me distinctly unimpressed. I give it two stars because Wahlberg did a pretty great job with the script he was given and made us sympathise with Payne despite not smiling. Lupino is suitably crazy as one of the bad guys. The cinematography was BRILLIANT as was the colour effect given – it looked like a video game. Kunis was great as the avengeful older sister and half of the duo. The Valkyries were EPIC – as was the overall special effects and the few action scenes that there were, were well executed.

But in the words of some other critics – ”max pain more like”.