Chase Revere (Long) is a 20-something guy who leads a monotone celibate existence in a small financially-failing town, until fatefully one night he meets the beautiful enigmatic and odd Lucy (Chriqui). Mayor Cleveland (Corddry), with a comical aversion to the ‘F’ word, is trying to save his town by any means possible, and along with his top men and hilarious Indians (Algonquins) with disastrous effect. The Indians are offering the town mayor casinos to revive the tourism industry and of course bring in some much needed cash. Chase wants the town’s history to be preserved and believes a casino would ruin that – especially when the plan is to build it over the battlefield he cherishes so much.

His best friend Digg (O’Donnell) is the mean but caring friend who is sleeping his way through the women of the town and whose dad is part of the casino plot. Lucy decides to back Chase up (or so it seems) on his campaign. Unfortunately for Chase he becomes the ridicule of the town and a headache to the Mayor. And funnily enough garners respect from the Indians whose very idea he opposes.

It’s not the best film ever – it’s a just a quirky romantic comedy that attempts to be something more and doesn’t quite make it. Long provides a geeky lead that is still endearing and you actually feel for him whilst watching the movie. The subliminal message is funny, and if looked for, obvious. The imagery of a town that is trying to save itself by spending money it does not have (both in bribing the Indians and in the casino themselves) is laughable only for its stupidity and links to the current economic climate.

This film won’t rock any boats or even win any awards but it is cute nonetheless. It is an endearing funny indie flick that is quickly forgotten after dragging you through some insane subplots and situations for a little longer than necessary.