This is a modern retelling of the classic Brothers Grimm (later redone by Disney) tale of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs. The Brothers Grimm is a much darker affair where the dwarves don’t even have the classic names we have come to know and love : Bashful, Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy & Happy. So this obviously sticks more to the Disney version.

Sydney White (Bynes) is a college freshman who is awkward and bubbly and simply wanting to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Her father Paul (Schneider – in a role as everyone’s favourite dad – ‘Smallville’ anyone?) has raised her on his own since her mother died. She arrives at college only to be snubbed and ultimately sabotaged throughout the film by a very aptly named Rachel Witchburn (Paxton). This results, in a roundabout way, in her meeting the 7 characters that correlate to the 7 dwarves.

Now the story and the plot is contrived and very predictable! However, especially if you loved Bynes’ turn in ‘She’s The Man’, you’ll enjoy this! There are many laughs to be had, the characters really work well off each other and the real genius was in the casting of the 7 ‘dwarves’. George (Pantoja) is a show stealer! His facial expressions and antics illicit more than a few laughs! And it’s great to see Danny Strong grace our screens again after becoming an endearing and hilarious Doyle in the fantastic ‘Gilmore Girls’ series! Jeremy Howard also turns in another funny performance as Terrence (you may remember him from my previous review of the film ‘Accepted’.)

But of course we cannot forget the Prince Charming who is (surprise, surprise) named Tyler Prince (Long) and is some great eye candy with a heart! Not the typical jocks that most teen films contain! He is totally smitten by the sweet, bumbling and down to earth Sydney White.

Overall, the movie is well worth watching or even owning in your dvd collection. Its lesson about embracing everyone of all shapes and sizes and not being terrified of the popular kids is a great one! It is however as I mentioned before so predictable that you guess what’s next but then again it is based on Snow White (albeit loosely) and who wants the witch to win anyway??

Witty, adorable, charming and fun for all the family. No need to make it dirty to garner popularity, like ‘Good Luck Chuck’ which was released the same weekend.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the transplantation of the Disney version to the modern day college campus – clever ways to incorporate things. Watch out for the poison apple idea, ”hi,ho” song and many more 🙂

Watch it and you surely won’t be disappointed if you can get past the predictability and the clichés. One thing it is not is boring. Paxton is spot on as the ‘wicked witch’ on campus & Bynes’ character doesn’t stick to the typical one dimensional girls on most teenage flicks. It’s Snow White meets Revenge of the Nerds (or so I’ve been told as I haven’t seen it!).