What initially started out as an innocent foray into anything Justin Long related 🙂 ended up being a pretty great movie!!

Hilarious, characters that you fall in love with (plus a little glimpse of Kellan pre-Twilight!) and surprisingly deep! It’s a lesson in how rejection is both a normal & annoying part of life, and with a little innovation & thinking-outside-the-box we can change the world! Or at least our world 😉 *laughs* or something like that! And surprisingly all the characters are quite a bit older than the characters they portray – can you believe that Justin is 28 in this film?

Of course, there are some well worn clichés used which is what is to be expected of the teenage era/genre of movies because it’s hard to be original when you are preceded by so many other films! However, it shines like a diamond in the rough – with a little dusting and overlooking a few things this film is thoroughly enjoyable and laugh-out-loud funny!

I heartily recommend watching it on a chilled night in – but be forewarned it could inspire you!!

ps. aww look how cute he is ;). He first came to my attention in the film ”Drag Me To Hell” which is a great Sam Raimi film – a homage to The Evil Dead Trilogy he did so well before Spiderman took up his time 🙂